BIOMEET/10 to bring together Portuguese biotech companies

BIOMEET/10 logoThe Portuguese Bioindustries Association (APBio) and Biocant are organizing the 5th Annual Meeting of Portuguese Biotechnology Companies – BIOMEET’10, which will take place on December 16, 2010, in Cantanhede, Portugal.

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From the Biocant announcement:

“Following the success of the four first editions we believe that the organization of a next meeting that demonstrates the growing potential of the Portuguese Biotechnology and promotes strategic national and international business relationships is very important. Especially this year, BIOMEET will be jointly organized with the European Project Sharebiotech, promoted at national level by Biocant, which will gather a number of industry experts, investors and companies in the same place.

APBio aims that BIOMEET’10 is an additional opportunity to gather all the entities involved in the Biotech arena, promoting the networking with speakers from the Industry and Academia, Regulatory Institutions, Venture Capital partners and the Government. The main Biomeet’10 proposal is to share experiences and knowledge with national and international speakers.”