UTEN Program Manager Visit March 24-31

UTEN Program Manager Cliff Zintgraff visited Portugal on March 24 to March 31, 2009. This visit focused on training in market and commercialization assessment techniques for Technology Transfer offices, and also explored  emerging research from key UTEN partner institutions.

About Researcher and Technology Meetings

During the trip, Portuguese TTOs arranged meetings with researchers to explore their technologies. The purpose of these meetings were to determine mutual interest in bringing technologies into the UTEN program as “living cases” with associated entrepreneur training. Meetings generally lasted thirty minutes. Researchers were asked to bring 10-15 minute presentations that focused on the market potential of the technology, including:

  1. BRIEF description of the technology
  2. The purpose of the technology – what purpose it fulfills in the market
  3. How the technology compares to existing solutions
  4. The potential markets for the technology
  5. Intellectual Property status of the technology
  6. Development status – is the technology working in the lab? In a market-facing product?
  7. Corporate formation status; any other important news about the opportunity

We understand you may not have been able to answer all these questions. That is OK – our goal was to see your potential and help you move forward.

For questions about this trip, please email Cliff Zintgraff at cliffz@innology.com.

Seeking digital media startups in Portugal

In the first week of March, UTEN and the Digital Media program of the UT Austin|Portugal CoLab will send a team of digital media experts to Portugal as part of our entrepreneur training activities.

As a first step, we’d like to hear from you about digital media startups in Portugal, from the engineer or researcher with a great idea through young companies that are already in the market. Who should we be talking to?

There’s more detail in the comments, but off the top of your head: who are the digital media innovators in Portugal?