National and regional workshops and conferences with international partners enhance capability for technology transfer and commercialization, as participants have the opportunity to:

    Deepen understanding of technology transfer and commercialization through case studies

  • Foster working relationships, share knowledge, and drill down to key issues
  • Contribute to a sustainable, critical mass of professional technology transfer talent
  • Understand and access other UTEN resources

Organized with the FCT, these events allow interaction with international partners including the University of Texas at Austin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, the Cambridge University, Harvard University, the Fraunhofer Institute, and more.

Upcoming Events

1st Joint Conference and Exhibition
Fostering Science & Innovation Ecosystems: Portugal-USA Partnerships
May 28-29, 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal

The purpose of these events is to showcase the activities and outcomes of the partnerships to Portugal, the commitment of the USA universities, and the strength of the relationships that have been created regarding Education, Research and Innovation.

Past Events

Texas-Portugal Venture Growth Workshop
April 23, 2015 at The University of Texas at Austin

The IC² Institute presents a networking and matchmaking workshop among firms and technology incubators in Central Texas and the European Union, especially Portugal.

Riccardo Fini on Academic Entrepreneurship and Project TASTE
February 18, 2015 at Porto Business School

Presentation by Riccardo Fini of the University of Bologna on the topic “Fifteen Years of Academic Entrepreneurship in Italy – Evidence from the Taste Project”.

2013 UTEN Annual Conference – October 28, 2013, Porto

The 2013 UTEN Annual Conference gathered researchers, students and entrepreneurs, industry and policy makers in order to discuss knowledge exchange and technology commercialization internationally.

The 2013 edition of UTEN’s Annual Conference, combined with the XV Latin Ibero-American Conference on Technology Management (ALTEC 2013) focused on themes such as internationalization of startups, technology commercialization in Latin America, and entrepreneurial opportunities in the oil and gas industry.

Supporting Technology Commercialization in International Partnerships – October 29th, 2013, Porto

Presented by UTEN Portugal and Carnegie Mellon’s Portugal Program

With the globalization of Science, international partnerships for Research, Development, and Innovation have become increasingly common, presenting new and significant challenges to the management of Intellectual Property (IP). In the first part of this working session we shared and discussed best practices and case studies of joint management of IP in the context of international collaborations.


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