Bayh-Dole Act, February 2012

1st UTEN Workshop 2012 – Bayh-Dole Act: Opportunities for Portugal
INPI, Campo das Cebolas, Lisbon – 27 February 2012
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Bayh-Dole Act: Opportunities for Portugal

On February 27th, 2012, UTEN Portugal in conjunction with the IC² Institute of the University of Texas at Austin will hold the first in the 2012 series of workshop events targeted at technology transfer professionals, university administrators and intellectual property experts across Portugal.

The focus of this workshop will be on the history and implications of the US Bayh-Dole Act for the field of modern university technology transfer. The Keynote speaker for the event will be Michael Barrett, who is a Partner with the international law firm Fulbright Jawoski, L.L.P and who specializes patent litigation, prosecution, and analysis in various technology areas. This workshop will provide attendees not only with an international perspective on IP, but also with insight into the university’s role in both IP and technology transfer from a policy and practical level.

In collaboration with the Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial and support from the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia.

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