Negotiation of Research Contracts, December 2011

6th UTEN Workshop 2011 – Negotiation of Research Contracts
University of Porto – 14 December 2011
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Negotiation of Research Contracts

Fraunhofer PortugalIn collaboration with Fraunhofer Portugal

14 December 2011, UPIN, University of Porto

Invited speaker: Lorenz Kaiser, Division Director Legal Affairs and Contracts, Fraunhofer


Contract and collaborative research is without any doubt a key source of external funding for universities and research institutes. With increasing public budget cuts and in an open-innovation environment, the professionalization of this activity (university-industry engagement and negotiation of research contracts) is paramount to both parties: universities and industry. On one hand, university investigators face challenges in identifying appropriate strategies for making the necessary connections within industry and dealing with industry related cultural differences. On the other hand, industry researchers have similar issues in identifying appropriate strategies for engaging the right offices and individuals for making the necessary connections within institutions and dealing with their particular cultural differences.