Rodney Klassy

Rodney KlassyRodney Klassy, B.Sc.
Project Manager
IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin

Rod has recently joined the IC² Institute to serve as a Project Manager where he will assist early stage international companies bring their products and services to the US market. His extensive background conducting business and product development, sales management, and technology licensing over a 30-year career in industry provide him with the experience to assess strategic business plans, conduct market analysis, and aid in negotiation of licensing and distribution agreements.

Rod most recently served as Director of the Animal Health Business Unit for Life Technologies where he was responsible for the strategic plan to enter the food animal diagnostic testing business. He hired a diverse team of professionals in R&D, veterinary medicine, sales and marketing to incubate a new business unit inside of a $4 billion dollar company. He coordinated multiple business units to aid in obtaining a USDA license for the manufacturing of diagnostic tests, and growing the new unit to over $16M in sales in 4yrs. Prior to that he was Director of Business Development for Applied Biosytems’s Austin facility responsible for managing OEM sales partners and licensing technologies from universities and industry, including Fortune 500 companies. Rod joined a startup company, Ambion Inc. in 1992 where he served in a number of positions from Marketing Manager responsible for international distributor sales to Director of Business Developing until Ambion’s acquisition by Applied Biosystems in 2006. Rod began his career as a research technician at Agrigenetics Corp.

Rod holds a B. Sc. In biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and conducted graduate research in plant molecular biology at Texas A&M University.