Adapting Tech Startups to the Global Market

The University Technology Enterprise Network (UTEN) Portugal initiated the Global Startup Program in 2013. We aimed to support Portuguese tech businesses to help them thrive globally. Our efforts to integrate startups into the global market stem from a global economy view. We have invested early on into the future of technology. Our beneficiaries' success has made it worthwhile.

Global Market

We assist local companies at one of the two main phases of their development. At an early stage, we help narrow down a company's business objectives. The team invests more time developing a global economic growth strategy. We focus on tools that drive their resources towards creating more marketing strategies. Internal processes are set to attract more clients and drive sales. With more experienced leaders, we take on more challenging goals.

UTEN formed long-term partnerships with the University of Texas in Austin. Other partners include Portuguese universities and research institutes, industrial affiliates, and government agencies. With their help, we have access to more data and practical resources to assist startups. Businesses immerse into global marketing by creating value within the digital world. We connect them with their future partners through business-to-business outreach programs. Our business incubators and accelerators guide the entrepreneurs to identify risks and possibilities. With some industries, we assist them to expand their range of services. In all cases, reaching out to customers and growing their capital remains a focal point.

Our success stories showcase examples of how a local company can scale globally. Our coaching, mentoring, and business development strategies focus the efforts of startups in the right direction. That is how local businesses manage to expand overseas. Entrepreneurs analyze their costs from the viewpoint of global demand. As a result, they develop technologies that sell. International outreach is beneficial to businesses and their employees. Startups generate more jobs (15 to 20%) and attract more skilled workers.

UTEN's mission is to help Portuguese science and technology practices expand to the global marketplace. We have positively impacted the local economy by sharing our expertise with Bioengineering Systems, Advanced Manufacturing, Sustainable Energy Systems, Transportation Systems. Multiple sectors develop under our roof. By focusing on the growth of local startups we contribute to the economic development of tech companies worldwide. Subscribe to our mailing list for updated content.