UTEN Annual Conference 2011

UTEN Annual Conference 2011
14 November 2011
FEUP, University of Porto, Portugal
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The role of Science and Technology in transforming the economic fabric – emerging challenges and opportunities for global technology transfer and commercialization

Emerging patterns and challenges in technology transfer and commercialization will be discussed and case studies at national and international levels will be presented. The 2011 UTEN Annual Conference will involve researchers and students, entrepreneurs and investors, industry and policy makers engaged in technology transfer and commercialization and will be aimed to deepen our understanding of related emerging challenges and opportunities in times of special financial constraints at a global scale.

Competences in technology transfer and commercialization have been systematically developed throughout the country and, today, most of the Portuguese universities, Associated Laboratories and research institutions consider specialized technical support fostering technology transfer and commercialization. This movement has been strengthened since 2007 through the University Technology Enterprise Network (UTEN), which comprises scientific and academic institutions in Portugal oriented to emphasize technology transfer and commercialization at an international scale. This initiative involves strategic partnerships with leading institutions worldwide and has been promoted and supported by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), in close collaboration with the Portuguese Industrial Property Institute (INPI) and, since 2010 with the Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities (CRUP).

UTEN, as a knowledge network, was launched in March 2007 in close partnership with The University of Texas at Austin within the scope of the International Collaboratory for Emerging Technologies (CoLab). During the past four years, it has gradually expanded and has benefited from other international partnerships promoted through the FCT, including those with Carnegie Mellon University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Fraunhofer Society. UTEN has evolved over the past four years and its mission has being strengthened to help build a professional, globally competitive and sustainable technology transfer and commercialization network in Portugal oriented for markets worldwide. After the installment period, activities started in 2008, in parallel with the UT Austin|Portugal Program.

UTEN’s mission is to help build a professional, globally competitive and sustainable technology transfer and commercialization network in Portugal oriented towards international markets. Programs and activities undertaken since 2007 have allowed UTEN to take full advantage of, and consolidate, the emerging network of Portuguese technology transfer offices (TTOs). Specialized training has accelerated the development of a professional network of TTOs as well as the commercialization of science and technology in global markets.

The UTEN Annual Conference 2011 takes place in co-location with the “Iberian Expert Workshop: Strategic Approaches for Knowledge Transfer and Intellectual Property Management from Universities and Public Research Organisations”, organized by the European Commission. The morning session of the UTEN Conference and the workshop will take place jointly; in the afternoon, both events will proceed in separate and parallel sessions.